THIRD PLACE!!!!! Adult story, Dragon Comet Writing Contest  LTUE Short Story "Broken" February 2008



Emergence PR1: 

He’s the bad guy in everyone else’s story . . .

AP Kyoto Japan - July 15 2137 6:53 PM 
Kyoto police report that Kyo Yoji age 35 was found dead in his home by his wife. She reported hearing arguing up stairs and decided to go investigate. The lay preacher was found with three bullet wounds all of which would be fatal on their own. Police say that two different DNA samples were found at the scene, one which was identified as the victims. The second, an unidentified sample investigators say matches samples taken at other homicide scenes from all over the world where the victim also died from three similar bullet wounds. The three bullet wounds and the unidentified DNA are leading investigators to believe that these homicides might be connected.

Depends on who you believe . . .

Antony Danic is a corporate soldier held in a--till death do us part--contract with a military contractor. He protects the corporation by eliminating those that threaten their security. His life, over the last ten years, has consisted of his handler giving him a name and him going to work, the assignment ending with the pull of a trigger.

When the atheist assassin is called as a High Elder in training for a little known religion, and his assignments begin to resemble personal vendetta more than corporate security, he begins to doubt who he is working for as well as his own abilities. His refusal of the call begins a process of deconstruction that drags the hit man through a Hell he doesn’t believe exits.

Latent PR2:

Antony Danic covenanted to never again take a human life. When outside forces threaten everything he holds dear and loves, that vow is tested. The young Speaker is called to become High Elder and must become comfortable in both his new skin and his calling.

Awaiting PR3:

Lyris Standing almost died as she touched the "Book of Light", making her a High Elderess and the baby she carries the foretold Prophecy Child. As the forces of darkness combine to destroy the babe, the fledgling family must somehow survive nine months.

Prophecy Rising PR4:

The Prophecy Child is coming of age, rumors of the upcoming battles for thier homeworld are being contested by a corrupt Caledonian council. In his greatest time of need, Noble Standing must discover who is friend and foe as the continuum gates open and the battle begins.

Paralel novel Foxproof:

DEA agent Matthew Cale is shot and left for dead as he witnesses a dirty drug deal in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Months later, a young man named Dalton Fox wakes in a recovery center far from his home. Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and memory loss of the event that almost took his life. Dalton is given a chance to work with a new group of people that might just be able to help him recover his memory, and catch the real bad guys.




Follows the Standing family as they settle onto thier homeworld and the trials and adventures that ensue.

Intercession, Paranormal:

Dacias Black is a hundreds year old vampire who's job it is as Intercessor to keep the Vampire World seperate from the Human one. When a rogue "made" vampire is killing young women Dacias must find and spill the vampires blood before the beautiful and enticing Medical Examiner figures it out for herself.

The Intercessors Son, Paranormal YA:

Sixteen years later, Dacias' son Jyace is living what he considers a normal life. That is untill his father comes to take him from his mothers home to live with him. To go to Vampire School. Jyace's life will never be the same and must learn to survive as a half blooded vampire in a full blooded world.


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