Tech suspense, secret agents, and bad boys gone good. 

 He was the corporation's prized hit man--untill he refused an assignment. Now he's going to find it's a lot easier to kill a man--than keep him alive.

Emergence by C. Michelle Jefferies


 Pronunciation: \ˈstr-ē-ˌte-   lər\

  Function: noun

  Date: 1709

  : a teller of stories: as   a : a relater of anecdotes b : a reciter of tales (as in a children's library) c :  a writer of stories

  — sto·ry·tell·ing \-ˌte-liŋ\   noun

All text on this site and image (sm) coprighted by C. M. Jefferies


                             C. Michelle Jefferies

Author of the Prophecy Rising Series, Guardian War Series, and Foxproof. Tech Suspense.

Intercession, The Intercessors Son, Night Desk and Creek Road. Paranormal and YA paranormal.

Project Anna and Toward the Light. Womens fiction dealing with abuse and depression. 

The Secret of Amalathea, Storm Compass and The Gate Keeper. Fantasy.

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